Chicago Bears: Anthony Miller’s comments leave us scratching our heads

Chicago Bears (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are quickly turning into a three-ring circus.

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus disbanded back in 2017, but the current iteration of the Chicago Bears are doing everything they can to give you the experience of being under the big top.

As if it wasn’t enough that this team has looked like the gang who can’t shoot straight for the last five weeks, as the offense flounders somewhere between impotent and comical, Bears fans have had to endure a litany of off the field drama, including a recent slew of social media activity from three of their wide receivers expressing their discontent with the current state of the team, and apparently pining for an opportunity to play elsewhere.

bears latest eye-opening comments came from Anthony Miller who spoke to the media via a Zoom call this afternoon.

The very first question came from The Chicago Sun-Times’ Patrick Finley who essentially asked what the offense has to do to get things going on Sunday against the Detroit Lions. Miller thought about it and then provided the following answer:

“I think the plays that we practice and that we execute in practice all week, they need to be called when we get to the game on Sunday. We know we can execute them, we just, everybody just needs the chance to ball out.”

Uhhh . . . what’s that now? Did Miller just suggest that the plays they call during the game are not the ones that they ran (successfully apparently) all week in practice? Is Matt Nagy, in true circus-fashion, pulling the old “switcharoo?” Is this the act of a master illusionist who is so good he’s even mystifying his own players?

I kid but it is really becoming difficult to take this team seriously anymore. Not only are they losing on the field, but Nagy, despite what he and others say publicly, appears to be losing the locker room in a hurry.

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At this point, there really is no way this staff, and the decision-makers who assembled it (I’m staring directly at you Ryan Pace and Ted Phillips) can survive this season. But at this point, even though it would be out of character for the Bears’ ownership, it’s getting more difficult to see how they survive even until then.