Chicago Cubs: 3 Kris Bryant trades with New York Yankees

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Trade Three

Let’s pretend that the Yankees desperately want to add Kris Bryant and are willing to do what they need to do to get him. They probably aren’t trading their number one prospect, 17-year-old Jasson Dominguez for Bryant but they make everyone else available because they believe he will help them win the World Series in 2021. They even offer him a big contract if the Cubs agree to the trade. The Cubs would certainly be interested in this.

The Cubs also probably see this as a fair price for the guy who made the final play to earn them their first World Series title in 108 years. He was also the best player on that championship core. That line of thinking could only earn them Clarke Schmidt and Deivi Garcia from the Yankees. It isn’t necessarily realistic thinking but Jed Hoyer might think that highly of Bryant.

Schmidt is the Yankees’ number two prospect and Garcia is their number three prospect. They are both right-handed pitchers and we can’t preach enough how much the Cubs need pitching. Both of them made their Major League debuts in 2020 so you know they will be given chances in 2021. Both of them, based on their 2020 performances (in a small sample size) need more development but are well on their way.

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These trades are all very different and they all reflect different lines of thinking from both the Yankees and Cubs. We don’t know exactly which way each organization is going to go this offseason but it is hard to see them both being quiet. It seems like it could be a partnership worth considering but anything can happen.