Chicago Cubs: 3 possible Kris Bryant trades with Chicago White Sox

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Trade Two

The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs would be wise to make this one for one deal. It is a huge risk for both teams but something they might want to consider based on their current predicaments. The White Sox have a World Series window that is opening right now and one more big bat could help them get there. The Cubs need as many prospects as they can get for their core and they need a good amount of them to be pitchers.

Jared Kelley is a fantastic young arm that should be a great Major League Baseball player someday. The White Sox drafted him in the second round (47th overall) in the 2020 MLB Draft. He is a flame-throwing right-hander that should be able to be a great player one day. The Cubs have not been good at developing pitching at all but Kelley is the type of player you add to change that narrative.

If there was no such thing as COVID-19, there is a chance Kelley would have been a much higher draft pick. A lot of high school picks fell in the draft because there wasn’t any sort of season so there was a much bigger risk. That risk might be worth it for whoever sees Kelley on their Major League roster in a few years.