Chicago Cubs: Five good trade destinations for Kris Bryant

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Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant
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New York Yankees

Kris Bryant wouldn’t serve a much different role for the New York Yankees than he did in Chicago. He has flipped around position-wise for the Cubs a lot and would probably do so even more if he was sent off to the Bronx. They have players set to start in every position but they are always one of the most injured teams in all of baseball. They have seen Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge both miss a lot of time and Bryant can play both of their positions.

They also have Gio Urshella at third base who is a great player but hasn’t been awesome in the playoffs. Bryant would help them solidify a lot at many different positions. They would also be able to consider him for the designated hitter role if they were willing to pay for him. Usually, the Yankees are able to buy what they need so you never know.

They might even consider trading Stanton if they could find someone to take his contract. That would open up so many different possibilities for them this offseason. Bryant to the Bronx isn’t necessarily something that is rumored but it would be a great landing spot for him. That team always has a chance to win the American League so it may be a desirable destination.