Chicago Cubs: Five good trade destinations for Kris Bryant

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Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant
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The Chicago Cubs could trade Kris Bryant to any of these five teams this offseason.

The Chicago Cubs know that Kris Bryant is one of their all-time great players. He might not last an entire career there but anyone who was a part of the World Series-winning core is forever a Chicago legend. Bryant was their best player in 2016 and deserves to be remembered that way. Ever since then, things haven’t been quite the same for the team but Bryant takes a bit too much blame for it all.

It isn’t his fault that a lot of what the front office did following the World Series was not smart. He didn’t sign Tyler Chatwood or trade for Jose Quintana. He surely wasn’t as good as his MVP season in 2016 but he has still been good. Since coming to the Cubs, very few players have had a better WAR than Bryant.

There are rumors that the Cubs don’t tender Bryant but the deadline but it seems smarter to do it and try and trade him. There are plenty of teams that could use a player like him in their lineup and he can play many different positions. Whichever team lands him will be getting someone who can help them win and it might even be a bargain price.

The Cubs probably don’t love the idea of trading him within the National League but they might have to. There are a lot of good teams in the NL that might feel they are a Kris Bryant away from competing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. These are the five teams across Major League Baseball that would make sense for Kris Bryant: