Chicago Bears: Ryan Pace’s track record proves he should be fired

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Following their fifth straight loss after starting the season 5-1, the Chicago Bears are sinking from the playoff picture fast, and “architect” Ryan Pace is going down with them.

The Chicago Bears are not a playoff team. They never were, despite their misleading, now long gone 5-1 record that never fully told the true story.

Getting embarrassed on the national stage against the Green Bay Packers is the lowest point of the Bears’ season … and there’s still a month’s worth of games yet to be played barring any sort of cancellation due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Maybe the Bears would rather have games get cancelled, because it appears that much of the roster has given up on Matt Nagy. The defense played disinterested, as if they determined before the game began that any effort put in on that side of the ball would be wasted by an inadequate offensive showing.

Quarterback Mitch Trubisky was supposed to be the hero for the scuffling Bears; a true redemption story that would play out on the brightest stage against Aaron Rodgers out of all division rival foes. Trubisky would silence all his doubters once and for all, and win a mighty “David verse Goliath” battle that no one could see coming.

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Only problem was that there was hardly a battle being played out. The Packers humiliated the Bears in all facets … while Trubisky’s maddening play on the field sucked the life out of the entire team well before halftime.

The Bears ultimately crumbled apart in 2020 thanks to General Manager Ryan Pace. He is responsible for all the head-scratching organizational moves made in recent years, none more magnified than picking Trubisky second overall in the 2017 draft over franchise quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson.

Out of the Bears’ remaining five games, they have two remaining winnable games: against the Detroit Lions and against the hapless Jacksonville Jaguars. A 7-9 finish after a 5-1 start deserves a clean sweep of the organization’s decision-makers. Nagy and Pace need to pack their bags and say their quick farewells to Halas Hall. The organization deserves a fresh start to finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

Pace should never be allowed to hand-pick another quarterback again. His gaffe selecting Trubisky has further set the organization back from the truly great teams.

Bad coaching hires, questionable trades, and poor player signings also are all valid reasons for Pace to be dismissed after the season, but those are all just icing on the cake compared to how disappointing Trubisky has been.

Anyone miss Jay Cutler? How about Josh McCown? Two recent Bears’ quarterbacks who would likely play better than Trubisky, even TODAY.

If the Bears keep Pace on board for another offseason, then clearly the McCaskey family hasn’t been watching what everyone else has. And who can really blame them for not wanting to tune into a Bears’ game nowadays?

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Maybe the Bears will pull off some sort of improbable miracle and play their way into the postseason. Crazier things have happened after all.

Keep dreaming fans.