Chicago Bears: Starting Mitchell Trubisky puts fans in an odd position

Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are rolling with Mitchell Trubisky on Sunday night.

Going up against an angry Aaron Rodgers is never a good thing, and that’s exactly what the Chicago Bears have to do Sunday night — in a make-or-break game nonetheless. But, they could be in a better position to pull off an upset.

The Bears are in a tough spot without previous starting quarterback Nick Foles, who is unable to start due to a hip injury he suffered in their most recent loss against the Minnesota Vikings. Instead, the Bears are turning back to Mitchell Trubisky, who just recovered from an injury himself.

After hurting his shoulder on a single offensive snap against the New Orleans Saints a few weeks back, Trubisky is healthy and the best option for Chicago to start Sunday night. He’ll be going against a Green Bay Packers team that lost a close one to the Indianapolis Colts last week in overtime.

The Foles era has not been pretty in Chicago. The Bears stretched to a 5-1 start after Foles came in during a Week 3 blowout to the Atlanta Falcons, ultimately bringing them back. But, after that 5-1 start, the Bears proceeded to lose four straight with Foles under center.

The offensive line has, of course, been in shambles. But, Foles is a guy who can’t move real well. He needs a strong offensive line to succeed. With Trubisky coming back for another shot at the starting gig, maybe he actually gives this offense a better chance at scoring points.

Fans are now in a difficult position, getting ready to watch the Chicago Bears turn back to Trubisky.

At heart, fans want to see their team win games. Obviously, being Bears fans, we focus on one particular thing and one thing only: We want to beat the Packers, first and foremost. Everything else comes secondary.

But, at 5-5, the Bears look to be in a tough spot when analyzing their future. If Trubisky plays well, and the Bears win, head coach Matt Nagy is now in the spotlight and has a quarterback controversy on his hands.

Let’s say he rolls with Trubisky after beating Green Bay (if that miracle takes place).

Hypothetically, Trubisky goes on and plays pretty well — well enough to squeeze the Bears into that final playoff spot. No matter what, general manager Ryan Pace now has a lot of thinking to do.

Does Trubisky, in fact, deserve an extension? After all, he played well enough to lead the Bears to the playoffs.

Let’s back up. We’re way ahead of ourselves. It all starts Sunday night against Green Bay. How will Trubisky perform? Better question: How do fans feel?

Do fans root for the Bears to win, while Trubisky looks O.K. at best? It’s a weird conundrum. It’s tough to believe many fans want Trubisky around for the future of this franchise. Even if he plays well against the Packers, he’s shown enough of what he is already.

Fans can’t possibly want him to play exceptionally well, right?

Or could they?

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It’s all a mental game at this point. Fans’ opinions are all over the place on this debate. But, the one thing we can all agree on is this: Beat Green Bay.