Chicago Bears: You cannot trust Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy moving forward

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears bye week was a reminder of how far behind they are to the rest of the NFL.

Watching a Chicago Bears free Sunday is big stress relief. However, even when they are not playing you cannot help but think about them. All around the league, we continue to watch teams with successful offenses and quarterbacks performing at high levels. Then you have the Bears who are in a quarterback controversy with two bad quarterbacks.

The Bears are 5-5 with the trajectory not looking too good. Most of the problems with the team cannot be addressed until this offseason. The main two problems at the top of the list are the quarterback position. The second is deciding whether general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy should be the people to address that position.

Pace for example sold the fan base on picking a quarterback every year. He passed up on Dak Prescott four times in 2016. The following year, he became obsessed with Mitchell Trubisky with two better more experience options starring a hole through him.

This past offseason, Pace had a chance at redemption by signing free agent Teddy Bridgewater. What does he do to try to seal the deal? Ask a guy that he is offering 60 million to be part of QB competition with a former first-round bust.

Nagy also cannot be left off the hook despite Trubisky being forced on him when he got here. The man was deemed an offensive genius when the hire was made. The first two years of short-comings were filled with excuses for Nagy. Fans have given Nagy a pass because of the situation at QB that he walked into.

When he had an opportunity for input at quarterback, the Bears ended up with Nick Foles because of his familiarity with Nagy and coaching staff. Passing up on talent (Cam Newton and Bridgewater) for familiarity was a mistake in hindsight and has likely put both Nagy and Pace on the hot seat.

Because theirs no long-term answer on the roster, the Bears will be in the market for a QB in 2021. The good news is that it is a strong class compared to last year. The bad news is fans can not trust Pace and Nagy to hand-select that QB. Pace has shown that he is incapable of finding talent at that position, while Nagy keeps chasing a resemblance of the Kansas City Chiefs offense instead of working with the talent that is given to him.

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Bottom line if the Bears want to catch up with the rest of the NFL, they need to go in a different direction after this season. Yes, Pace builds a great defense, but it is an offensive-driven league and if you do not have a talented franchise quarterback you do not have much of a chance. Nagy is a solid coach, but he is incapable of playing to his player’s strengths. Unless the Bears go on a run after this bye week, Owner George McCaskey has to make not so tough decisions.