Chicago Bears win during bye week with NFC North losses

Chi ago Bears (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Chi ago Bears (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears won the bye week thanks to their NFC North foes.

The Chicago Bears have been very bad lately. A four-game losing streak has them at 5-5 after starting the season  5-1. They looked like a lock for the playoffs early on but now it looks like a slim chance that they will make it at all. Well, they were on their bye week to try and get things back on track. While that bye week was going on, they received some help from the other teams in their division.

It started with the early games. The Detroit Lions were beaten big time by the Carolina Panthers. The Lions had a chance to tie the Bears in the Divison with a 5-5 record but they blew it to the Panthers who saw P.J. Walker make his first start with them after coming over from the XFL. That loss was devastating for the Lions as it sets them back to 4-6, especially since it was a final score as bad as 20-0.

The same thing can be said for the Minnesota Vikings. They were playing a depleted Dallas Cowboys team where they had a chance to win their fourth game in a  row. A win for them would have also gotten them into a tie with the Bears at 5-5. Well, they came up just short with a 31-28 loss to the Cowboys.

The biggest shock of the day came with the last game of the afternoon. The Green Bay Packers had a big lead over the Indianapolis Colts before they blew it. The Colts had a lead by the time the game was about over but  Aaron Rodgers led a game-tying drive. In overtime, the Colts forced a turnover and won the game with a field goal. They are still heavy favorites to win the division but the Bears play them next week. If they somehow win that game, they will be 6-5 and the Packers will be  7-4. This season has been a nightmare but there is still a slim hope after the bye.

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The question has to be now whether or not the Bears can figure it out. Their offense is so bad and a lot of things need to be done to fix it. The defense is pretty good but no defense would be able to win with this offense. As bad as it is, things could have been worse for them while they were on a bye so hopefully, they are able to take advantage of this luck.