Cubs: Three Kris Bryant trades with Washington Nationals

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Chicago Cubs (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Trade Two

Now, in the likelihood that Washington hangs up the phone on trade number one, the Cubs might try to get whatever they can for Bryant from anyone who is offering. They probably want young prospects still which Washington has a lot of. They have a lot, as mentioned before, of good pitching talent in the minors as well. The Cubs need a lot of that right now and they might be able to get it by trading some of the veterans, including Bryant.

Tim Cate is currently the Nationals’ number eight prospect. He ended the 2019 season playing A ball and there obviously wasn’t a Minor League season in 2020. He is projected by MLB dot com to be in the Major Leagues by the 2021 season so that has to mean good things are coming for him in the future.

Seth Romero is another prospect that the Nationals have in the pipeline. He is currently sitting as their number nine prospect right now. Seth Romero has made his debut in the MLB. He only made three appearances in 2020 where he pitched in 2.2 innings. He recorded 5 strikeouts but the rest of his numbers didn’t fare well during his short time. He will, however, have plenty of time to develop.

The Cubs would love to add two young pitchers like that. As mentioned before, the only fault of the Theo Epstein era is that they haven’t been able to develop their own pitching. Well, trading Bryant to the Nationals would be a great way to develop someone else’s pitching.