Cubs: Three Kris Bryant trades with Washington Nationals

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Trade One

Let’s pretend that the Cubs way overvalue Kris Bryant and the Nationals see him as a piece they need to go for it again in 2021. That might mean it is an expensive deal for the Nationals. That would mean that Washington sends over some very nice prospects in exchange for Kris Bryant. Many teams have been known to trade away their top prospect for a player of Bryant’s caliber in the past but Washington would need to be confident in him returning to form.

Washington’s farm system is loaded with pitching. In particular, right-handed pitching. All of that is led by Jackson Rutledge. He is their number one prospect so that would be a trade that is made if both sides overvalue Bryant. The Cubs don’t develop pitching well but they have traded for a few guys that have come up and been awesome. Rutledge would be a great find for them as he is expected to be MLB ready by 2022.

Cole Henry is currently sitting as the Nationals 4th best prospect in their farm system. He is also a right-handed pitcher that is still very raw. In fact, he might be rawer than Rutledge as he isn’t expected to be in the MLB until 2023. Both of these guys are young and we don’t know for sure what they will turn into but it should be good. If anything, this is a trade that the Nationals would have to think about as it is a no-brainer for the Cubs.