Chicago Bears: What to watch for during team’s bye week


There is plenty to watch for as Chicago Bears fans this week even though it is a bye.

The Chicago Bears are a pathetic football franchise. Yet, we sit there every Sunday (or Monday/Thursday) hoping that one day they are going to finally turn it around. They are a long way away from that right now but maybe someday. They have lost five games in a row after starting the season 5-1. People dubbed them the worst 5-1 team of all time and now it all makes sense. Their offense is as bad as it has ever been which leaves their great defense out to dry.

With all of that in mind, the Bears still have a chance (whether you like it or not) to be a playoff team. They are right in the mix with the rest of the mediocre teams in the NFC. For those who are interested in that possibility, there are a few games that you need to keep an eye on this weekend.

In Chicago’s division, the NFC North, it seems like there is no chance that they win it over the Green Bay Packers at this point. Green Bay plays a good Indianapolis Colts team this Sunday but they will probably win the division no matter what the outcome of the game is. The Minnesota Vikings are surging up the standings. They play a bad Dallas Cowboys team on Sunday and if they take care of business there, they will be 5-5 just like the Bears. Even the Detroit Lions are threatening to tie the Bears in the Division and will if they defeat the  Carolina Panthers on Sunday.

None of the teams in the NFC East have any impact on the Bears at all. One of those horrible teams is going to win the division by default and the rest of them will have top-ten picks in the draft. Whoever wins the division, in all likelihood, will be worse off for it.

In the NFC West, the Seattle Seahawks look like they are going to win the division. The Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals are both looking to be Wild Card teams from that division. Seattle just defeated the Cardinals on Thursday night football so that game is over. As for the Rams, they play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football.

The NFC South is a two-headed monster. One of the Buccaneers or New Orleans Saints will win the division and the other will be a higher-seeded Wild Card team. As mentioned before, Tampa Bay has the Rams in a huge matchup of great teams. As for the Saints, they are without Drew Brees as Jameis Winston will lead them against the Atlanta Falcons.

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As you can see, the NFC is crowded with mediocre teams and then a couple of elite teams right now. The Bears are hoping to be one of the mediocre teams that sneak in but a lot needs to go their way. For the bye week, we just have to hope that they get a little healthier and develop a good plan for the Green Bay Packers in week 12. It is a tall and somewhat unrealistic task, but you just never know.