Chicago Cubs: 5 superstars to trade this offseason

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The Chicago Cubs have also had some ups and downs with Kyle Schwarber in his tenure as well. He has shown big-time power with his home run and RBI totals in his career but has been wildly inconsistent. Although his play in the outfield has gotten better year by year, it still isn’t where you would like to see it. He seems like one of the most likely candidates to be moved out of all the veterans the Cubs have.

He was out for pretty much the entire 2016 season but he made it back right in time to make an impact on the World Series that year. The Cubs probably should have taken the warning signs they were given and sold high on Schwarber but they decided not to. They chose him over keeping Eloy Jimenez to play left field and it was a horrible decision. He has been a good player but he hasn’t necessarily been a great player.

They could still probably get something in return for him if they put him on the trade block right now. He isn’t a free agent until 2022 so the Cubs have some time to decide on paying him but now there might not be a better time to sell him with some term left on the deal. The Cubs’ rebuilding feels like the perfect opportunity to try and get something out of a Kyle Schwarber trade.