Chicago Bears: Ryan Pace needs to be fired before 2021

Chicago Bears (Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports) /

The Chicago Bears need to fire Ryan Pace before they reach the 2021 NFL calendar year.

The Chicago Bears are an embarrassing franchise. If they didn’t have a defense that was good enough to win them a few games, they would be right there with the New York Jets at the bottom of the league. They are so pathetic on offense that they need to make big changes to their organization and fast. By the time that the NFL changes its calendar to 2021, they need to fire Ryan Pace before things get even worse (if that is possible).

Yes, he built a great defense. The Eddie Jackson, Kyle Fuller, and Roquan Smith draft picks amongst a few others were awesome. The Khalil Mack trade has its cons but he is an all-world player on a very good defense. There are many great players on that side of the ball but it makes it even worse for Ryan Pace the way he has left them out there to dry.

They are great but they are out there too much because of the fact that the offense is so bad. They can’t move the ball at all and it comes down to Ryan Pace’s decision-making. The offensive line is so bad and even though there are injuries, that is no excuse because it wasn’t that good, to begin with.

Did they need to add to their pass rush by adding Robert Quinn this past offseason? No, they did not. He hasn’t even been good anyway so it clear that the money was spent in the wrong areas. This line needs to be fixed before anything and Pace shouldn’t be the guy who is given that job.

Of course, the biggest mistake of Pace’s Bears tenure is the Mitchell Trubisky draft pick. He moved up from pick three to pick two to select Trubisky out of North Carolina where he only made 13 starts. Pace took Trubisky with Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson on the board. Now, Trubisky is a backup at best and the other two guys are all-world players with Hall of Fame trajectories.

That mistake set the Bears back by half a decade or more. If they had a quarterback like Mahomes or Watson paired with this defense, they would legitimately be Super Bowl contenders and could have even won one by now. It is such a bad look to have an offense that bad supporting a defense that is that good.

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Pace also handpicked Matt Nagy to be the new head coach. It looked like he was the guy after 2018 but things have gone south from there. They have been an awful pair together and it is time to see them both go. Pace deserves to take most of the blame because he assembled a team that just isn’t good. He needs to be gone before the 2021 season gets underway.