Chicago Cubs: Three big contracts to sell high on this offseason

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Chicago Cubs, Yu Darvish
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The Chicago Cubs had no clue what to expect from Yu Darvish going into 2020. He wasn’t very good for them at all after they brought him in on a big contract until 2020 where he was so good that he earned a Cy Young Award nomination. He came in second place for the award behind Trevor Bauer of the Cincinnati Reds but it was a phenomenal year nonetheless.

We don’t know if Darvish will ever have that good of a season again so the Cubs might as well sell him now. He probably won’t get much better than he did in 2020 but even if he is that good again, it probably won’t help the Cubs much if they are blowing up their roster the way that the reports suggest. They might as well trade him now before a bad year or injury hurts his stock. Adding prospects for a guy like that would be great if they want to start over.

So which teams might want to go for Darvish? Well, there are plenty of teams that would be wise to take the risk. Any World Series contender that needs help on the mound would make sense for Darvish’s services. Teams like the New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers or Atlanta Braves amongst others all make sense for a pitcher like him. As for the Cubs, if a team is willing to pay for him, it would be wise to consider it for many reasons.