Chicago Cubs: Three big contracts to sell high on this offseason

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Chicago Cubs, David Ross
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The Chicago Cubs should sell high on a few of their contracts this year.

The Chicago Cubs are a team that is about to go into a bit of a tailspin. After winning the World Series in 2016, they have underachieved after looking like a team that can win multiple championships. Now, with a year (or less) before Theo Epstein leaves, they appear to be a team that is going to start selling off pieces. They have a lot of players that other teams would want so it will be interesting to see where things go.

If the Cubs are willing to trade some of their veteran players, it would really change the landscape of Major League Baseball. If any of Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, or Kris Bryant ended up on other teams that would really show that the Cubs are serious about what they are doing. All of those guys, despite bad 2020 seasons, would return a lot to the Cubs as they are proven superstars of the game.

Of course, those star players are going to be the ones most talked about but the Cubs might have a unique opportunity here. Some of their biggest contract players are the ones who have taken the most criticism in recent years. Well, some of them had really good seasons in 2020 which might allow the Cubs to sell high on them.

If they are serious about rebuilding, getting value out of some of these veterans would go a long way in them doing it right. These players are all good but might not be able to repeat what they did in 2020 so the Cubs might want to let them go while they can get a lot for them. These are the three players with big contracts that the Cubs would be able to sell the highest on: