Chicago Bulls: Pursue or pass on 10 notable free agents

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Chicago Bulls, Dwight Howard
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3. C Dwight Howard

2019-2020 Numbers

7.5 points, 7.3 rebounds, 1.1 blocks in 18.9 minutes

72.9% from the field

Dwight Howard, NBA champion. He finally found that ring last year with the Los Angeles Lakers. It took signing with the Lakers and playing alongside LeBron James for Howard to become a champion, but that was probably the best spot for him in the end.

Since leaving the Orlando Magic once upon a time, Howard has played for a handful of teams. No matter where he’s landed, he’s been a poor fit. Whether it was because of lack of effort, attitude or losing interest in the game itself, Howard became a different guy. He was no longer that dominant defensive force, and it seemed like he didn’t enjoy the game anymore.

If the Bulls went after him, the interesting question becomes, would he be willing to mentor a kid like Wendell Carter Jr.? On one hand, Howard would be one of the best possible mentors for Carter. The experience and knowledge of being one of the most feared big men in the game at one point would be a big resource for Carter.

But, if he did agree to come to Chicago, how long would it take before we saw the bad version of Dwight? He’s not too far removed from being a cancerous teammate. The fear of seeing that guy return might be too much of a risk for the Bulls, even though he proved he could still be a force at this age.

Verdict: Pass