Chicago Bulls Draft: RJ Barrett, Danny Green and other possible trades

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A trade for Victor Oladipo

One of the more alarming reports we have seen come out over the past couple of days was the one regarding Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo. There was a rumor floating around that Oladipo would ask other NBA players, “Can I come play with ya’ll?” in front of his own teammates.

He reportedly came out and said that the report was false and he re-committed to the Pacers franchise stating that he wants to bring a title to Indiana.

However, one can’t help but wonder if this report had even a little bit of truth to it. If the Bulls wanted to truly plan for the future, a trade for Oladipo and Indiana’s first-round pick in 2022 would make sense.

There are probably Pacers fans rebuking this idea right now, with an argument that Oladipo is a better player than LaVine — and that’s simply not true.

First off, Oladipo can hardly stay healthy. That’s a huge risk in and of itself, in trading for him. For the Bulls, they would be making this move purely out of a futuristic mentality. An extra first rounder in 2022 could be very valuable to this new front office, and by then, neither LaVine nor Oladipo would have re-upped with Chicago — at least, that seems to be the likeliest of scenarios.

LaVine has shown us what he is. He’s a great scorer. He loves Chicago, and Chicago loves him. But, if there is potential down the line to add an even bigger star and, potentially, one who plays defense, the Bulls would be better off.

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Oladipo would be a stop-gap in Chicago, and maybe LaVine goes on to stick around with the Pacers. Regardless, this is 100 percent a move that means Chicago is focused on the coming years.