Chicago Bears: Several teams making Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace look foolish

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Chicago Bears, Teddy Bridgewater
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2. What could have been with Teddy Bridgewater?

Before all of the quarterback dominos fell early in the offseason, there were some serious rumors about Teddy Bridgewater going to the Bears. Instead, Pace opted to trade away a fourth-round pick for Nick Foles, and we all know how that’s going at the moment.

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Not only would Teddy Bridgewater have been a better option, but he actually offered this Bears team a future as he’s younger than Foles. He would give the Bears a mobile quarterback as well, which would have proved to come in clutch at this point in time. The Bears’ offensive line is in shambles, and Foles moves about as good as Tony LaRussa on a pogo stick at 3:00 in the morning.

Just how good are things going for Bridgewater and Carolina’s passing game? Currently, Bridgewater is 10th in the league in total passing per game (268.4 yards). Foles is 10 spots behind him, ranking 20th in the NFL.

Carolina was not supposed to be a good team this year. Bridgewater probably knew that. They weren’t supposed to be competitive, and yet here they are, competing down to the wire with Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs.

Had Pace opted to go hard after Bridgewater, pairing him with this defense, the Bears very well might be taken seriously going into Week 10.