Chicago Bears: Several teams making Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace look foolish

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1. The Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t messing around

For a few weeks this year, it was made known that Gardner Minshew was playing with a broken thumb. Now, this guy is a likable character. He’s easy to root for. Heck, he’s actually looked great on occasion and thrown some great balls.

But, the fact that he felt the need to continue playing with a broken thumb should tell you all you need to know about the Jaguars’ quarterback situation. Minshew knew he had nothing guaranteed ahead of him. There was hardly anything he could do, short of playing like Tom Brady, that could stop Jacksonville from drafting a quarterback next year.

There was hardly anything he could do to stop them from seeing what they had in rookie sixth rounder Jake Luton — and guess what? Luton looked pretty fair in his first ever start against the Houston Texans.

Doug Marrone may be coaching for his job, and he’s going to do everything in his power to see what the team has at their quarterback position right now. If it’s not Minshew, maybe it could be Luton. But, if it’s not Luton, you better believe they’re drafting someone come the spring.

Jacksonville is not settling for mediocrity. They’re not even settling for borderline “good” at quarterback with Minshew. This team is serious about settling their quarterback issue. Jaguars fans know that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Jacksonville is going to address their quarterback situation, and Bears fans can only wish they had an organization to be that confident in.