Chicago Bears: Several teams making Matt Nagy, Ryan Pace look foolish

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Just past the midway point in the 2020 NFL season, Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace look the fool.

The Chicago Bears are reeling, folks. They are bleeding out the side and appear to be headed for disaster. No, it’s not as bad as let’s say, the New York Jets’ situation. However, at least the Jets have hope that they may land a kid like Trevor Lawrence next spring.

The Bears, meanwhile, are headed for yet another year stuck in mediocrity and thus, quarterback purgatory.

Moving up for Mitchell Trubisky three years ago was not the answer. That has been made clear. His future looks to be with another team, and the Bears are ready to move on. But, the current roster in place is still ready to win right now, and the alternative option isn’t getting it done either.

Nick Foles was one of several options the Bears had to bring in over the offseason, and he’s looking like the wrong choice. Speaking of wrong choices, the Bears have made a few of those in the past couple of years when it comes to the quarterback position and putting a respectable offense out on the field.

Head coach Matt Nagy has looked lost. General manager Ryan Pace has continued to believe that doing nothing to the offensive line will work itself out. Collectively, these two are well on their way out of Chicago and should not be missed, quite frankly.

The rest of the league is putting on a clinic when it comes to taking the correct risks and fielding up-and-coming offenses. It seems like every other team has something to look forward to except the Bears. Why?

It’s all on Pace and Nagy’s shoulders.

Let’s check in on some teams that are, believe it or not, making both Nagy and Pace look even more incompetent this season than any recent year.