Chicago Cubs: Three trade packages for Francisco Lindor

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Chicago Cubs Ed Howard
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Trade Two

The Chicago Cubs had a pretty successful 2020 MLB Draft. In the first round, they took Ed Howard and in the second round, they took Burl Carraway. Both of those guys are guys that are hopeful to be impact players one day. If the Cubs keep them both throughout their Minor League careers, they could eventually be ones who play at Wrigley Field one day. Howard currently sits as the Cubs number four prospect and Carraway sits as their number ten prospect.

For Cleveland, landing two top-ten organizational prospects for Lindor would be exactly what they want. Carraway is a pitcher that might make his way to an MLB bullpen one day and Howard is a middle infielder. Not many teams are better at developing pitching than Cleveland so Carraway would be going into a good situation.

As for Howard, if the Cubs had Baez and Lindor locked in for a long time, he wouldn’t have much room in the middle of the infield. By the time he is ready for the Major Leagues, both of those guys should still have plenty of good play left in them so replacing Lindor as the shortstop in Cleveland might be better for him in the long term. If Lindor is in fact traded this offseason, a deal like this might be the most likely as far as a return back to Cleveland.