Chicago Cubs: Three trade packages for Francisco Lindor

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Trade One

How about a one for one trade? It is rare in today’s game that we get one superstar traded for another. It would be really cool to see two guys in the same situation contractually get moved for one another. Each of them might be willing to stay with their new team if they were moved and they both can play multiple positions which are nice assets. Both of these guys replacing each other in the lineup would be better for each team than getting nothing out of them.

Lindor is a shortstop. If he came to the Cubs, he would probably move to second base unless they also traded Javier Baez. It would form one of the best middle infields in the league which would be special to watch. As for Bryant, things might need adjustment in Cleveland. He is a third baseman but they have an MVP caliber third baseman in Jose Ramirez.

Ramirez has never won an MVP like Bryant but he is probably the better overall hitter. In the American League, the designated hitter can be used for the situation and Bryant has also played a significant amount of games in the outfield. He wasn’t as good as we are used to seeing him in 2020 but we know a really good baseball player is in there. He is probably a lesser player than Lindor and some money might be needed to sweeten the deal, but both of them have contract issues that might need a change of scenery.