Chicago Bulls: 3 sensible trade packages for Russell Westbrook

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Trade No. 3

Let’s say the Rockets wanted even more. Should the Bulls oblige? I’ll let you decide. But, if the Rockets and Bulls were close on a deal and this is what it took, Chicago would certainly be giving up quite a bit to land the superstar guard.

Already this week, we have heard that Lauri Markkanen is “more untouchable” than a guy like Wendell Carter Jr. So, if the Bulls wanted to first try a package centered around Carter and White, plus picks, that would make sense.

However, Markkanen is likely the more coveted player simply because of his skill set and potential. We’ve talked extensively about how Jim Boylen tried his best to ruin Markkanen, and with the report that he’s “untouchable,” you have to believe Donovan sees something special in him.

Knowing how intelligent Donovan is, that likely means there are other coaches who believe the same thing about Markkanen.

Is all of this worth landing a player like Westbrook? Are any of these packages worth it? It’s a tough question, because as good as Westbrook has been during regular seasons, he’s folded in crunch time. Seeing Westbrook being unable to close playoff games is definitely disheartening.

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In Chicago, it would be his show just like it was in Oklahoma City. He’d have some younger pieces, potentially, to help develop as well. But, just how many of those pieces would the Bulls sacrifice to land Westbrook? That’s what makes this so difficult. Either way, buckle up for the next few days. There’s sure to be lots of action around the league leading up to the draft.