Chicago Bulls Rumors: Potential trade packages to move up for LaMelo Ball

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Chicago Bulls (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bulls, Wendell Carter Jr.
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Trade No. 1

First of all, assuming the Bulls do indeed pull off a trade to get Ball, this would mean more of a forward-thinking move. They will have to sacrifice in the short-term, but with a long-term plan in mind for the front office.

So, if they were to trade a guy like Wendell Carter Jr. in a deal for the first overall pick, Karnisovas and company would have to then fill another starting spot. Last year’s rookie Daniel Gafford played with a lot of energy and showed promise, but he likely isn’t going to be a solution at center for the coming years.

This is one of the deals which is very intriguing because, with Ball, the Bulls now end up with far too many guards. You would like to think another deal would be on the way, potentially sending someone like Zach LaVine or Coby White out of Chicago in order to make room for Ball in the long-term sense.

Chicago could always move White back to the bench once Ball is ready to start, but that wouldn’t make much sense with a kid like White ready to flourish now. The most sensible trade following a deal like this would be to deal LaVine and a fairly team-friendly contract, thus being able to start both Ball and White in the back court for years to come.

Still, the question would remain, who takes Carter’s starting spot? For now, it might have to be Gafford. But, in the coming years, you never know how free agency will pan out for these Bulls — or future drafts.