Chicago Bears: 8 can’t-miss 2021 prospects to start tanking for

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6. QB Justin Fields, Ohio State

There is zero question who the number one quarterback is in next year’s draft class. It’s Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence. But, there is also zero question who the number two quarterback is right behind Lawrence.

It’s Justin Fields out of Ohio State, and there is no chance of anybody taking that spot from him. Unlike last year’s draft where there was only one sure fire franchise quarterback in Joe Burrow with a few potential franchise guys like Tua and Herbert, this year offers two “sure things.”

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Obviously, that term is never 100 percent a given. But, for the sake of this argument, it works. Lawrence and Fields should be great for the next decade or more, and if the Bears have the opportunity to trade up and get Fields, they have to take it.

The most recent sample of Field’s on-field work was as close to a spotless performance as you’ll ever see in college football. He absolutely torched Rutgers, throwing for over 300 yards and five touchdowns — one more touchdown than total incompletions on the night, in fact.

His best trait is something Bears fans have long desired — pocket presence. The guy has all the tools to be a great quarterback, but his most impressive characteristic is the ability to stay calm in the pocket and deliver NFL caliber throws.

Whether it’s pressure from the left, right or straight ahead, Fields senses it and has the footwork to shift his weight and make an accurate pass after getting out of trouble. With Fields, you don’t need to know much in terms of numbers. Spoiler: They’re elite.

What you need to know is this: He’s a future elite quarterback in the NFL and the Bears should do whatever it takes to get him to Chicago.