Chicago Bears: 5 options to replace Matt Nagy

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Chicago Bears could follow the Baltimore Ravens blueprint

Anyone who has watched the Baltimore Ravens knows just how much fun it is to watch their offense. Sure, a lot of that is because their quarterback is the incredibly dynamic Lamar Jackson. However, a big reason their offense is so successful is because Jackson is routinely put in positions to succeed.

The man putting him in those great situations is offensive coordinator Greg Roman. He helped Jackson win an MVP in 2019 and helped get Colin Kapernick to a Super Bowl when he was the offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers. He is another coach who can maximize the talents and strengths of his quarterback and doesn’t attempt to jam a square peg into a round hole.

Roman has a ton of experience in the NFL — 22.5 years to be exact — though he has yet to fill the role as head coach. However, what he has done with the Ravens offense, who like the Bears have long been seen as a defensive team, has been remarkable. Although their passing game has been down this year, they are more than making up for it running the football.

Currently, they are averaging a league-best 164.3 yards per game. That is nearly double the yards the Bears are averaging in the run game. Considering his ability to adjust his scheme to his quarterback, Roman might be a perfect fit for a team that doesn’t yet know who its quarterback in 2021 will be.