Chicago Bears: How Nagy, Foles can shock Brees and the Saints

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1. Nagy must put aside his pride

Hopefully coach Nagy has been watching more than his fair share of film this week, and not just from their most recent loss. For seven games now, we’ve been watching him make the same mistakes over and over again and it boils down to this: He’s not adapting.

In the NFL, great coaches adapt. They learn. They grow. They change what’s not working, and thus far, Nagy is not doing that.

If the average fan can pick out a few particular aspects of this scheme that have remained the same since Week 1, that should tell you all you need to know.

Is the run game working? No, not how it’s currently being called. If they are to establish a run game, it’s time to start using more heavy formations, especially when dealing with a guy like Cameron Jordan up front. Line up in the I-formation a few times. Get an extra blocker directly in front of Montgomery. If anything, ensure a repeat of last year doesn’t happen.

From there, go to your play action. Then, maybe go back to a shotgun formation and run a draw, switching back to play action out of the gun. Run a faster paced offense with less of a to-do list for the players.

Look at Monday night, for example. Foles knew he and the players couldn’t get lined up on time for certain play-calls. Nagy has to keep it simpler, to begin with. He’s got to switch things up and help out his best players — and it starts with Montgomery.

This offense will do absolutely nothing if a defense knows they can’t, and just plain won’t, run the football. Get some different looks going to help out your running back.

Oh, and quit the cuteness with Cordarrelle Patterson. There’s no other way to put it. Those plays belong in the garbage.

When the run game starts to look different, and even if the Bears aren’t gaining chunk yardage, then it’s time to focus on how Foles can beat the Saints’ defense.