Los Angeles Rams are what Chicago Bears should be

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images)
(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) /

The Los Angeles Rams are what the Chicago Bears should be, as they proved on Monday Night Football.

The Chicago Bears and the Los Angeles Rams just seem to have paths that cross a lot. It is crazy because these two teams have a lot in common as far as how their rosters are put together. Each of them has quarterbacks that can make plays at times but also be suspect at times. Meanwhile, on the defensive side of the football, they are both usually great. In their week seven matchup, however, the Rams showed that they are what the Bears should look like.

With stud defensive players like Aaron Donald, Khalil Mack, Eddie Jackson, and Jalen Ramsey amongst others, each of these teams can force turnovers and keep their opponents from scoring. Well, if they both have suspect offensive talent but good defenses, why are the Rams looking so much better?

Well, the answer might be coaching.  Sean McVay is exactly what we thought Matt Nagy was going to be for the Bears. McVay can create plays for that offense in Los Angeles to get the most out of them. Nagy doesn’t have a clue what he is doing with his play-calling on offense and it shows more and more as time goes on.

Nagy didn’t bring that level of offensive coaching over from Kansas City that we thought he would. He was the only person in the world (apparently) that saw Patrick Mahomes as a generational talent before anyone else but that is about where it ended for him. He has a good record with the Bears as their head coach but they are going nowhere with this system.

It goes beyond the coach too. The Rams are just built in a very similar way as the Bears are but they seem to have better flow on both offense and defense. The only thing that might keep them from the next step is Jarod Goff but you really can’t say the same about the Bears. At least the Rams have a line that protects Goff much better than the Bears line protects whoever is under center for them.

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People forget that the Rams were in the Super Bowl just two seasons ago. They lost to the New England Patriots (who were the greatest team of all time for 20 years) but they have a much better chance of getting back there than the Bears do right now. They have the exact same records (5-2) at this point in time but most of us would rather be the Rams going forward. Either way, it is just hard to watch the film from that game and not think about how the Rams are just a better version of the Bears.