Chicago Bears: 5 quick steps to fix the offense immediately

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5. Adjust the game plan

Finally, after all of the previous things have been done, it is time for Nagy to adjust the game plan. We heard this week that Nagy will not relinquish play-calling duties. If that’s the case, then many things need to happen for this offense to be halfway respectable. This is the last one.

Monday night, it’s almost like Sean McVay was taunting Bears fans unintentionally. The variety of play-calls made by McVay was a thing of beauty, especially when considering the position the Bears are in.

Nagy has to adjust to his current circumstances. Foles has the league’s fourth-quickest time to throw as it stands, so he doesn’t have much time. McVay almost spelled it out for Nagy on Monday night, using a lot of motion and quick passes.

Fortunately for him, Jared Goff has more time than Foles does on most snaps. But, he and McVay were able to get the ball into the hands of their playmakers in a fairly quick manner on several occasions. This is exactly how the Bears offense needs to operate.

Say what you want about Foles versus Mitchell Trubisky. That ship has sailed. It’s Foles, now. The downside to Foles is that he is not as mobile, thus Nagy needs to do what he does best: Scheme players open. The only caveat is, he has to do so on plays where Foles can get the ball out quickly.

If Foles is sitting back there in the pocket waiting for the play to develop, he’s going to end up getting sacked or tossing a blind pass on many downs, which is exactly what happened Monday night. With not much time to throw for his quarterback, it’s time Nagy adjusts his game plan.

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Draw up plays where Foles can throw the football quickly. Run a faster-paced offense. Go without a huddle at times. Nagy has to mix it up, not only for Foles’ sake, but for his entire offense.