Chicago Bears: 5 quick steps to fix the offense immediately

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3. End the Cordarrelle Patterson experiment

Most fans are at the point where, if they see one more instance of Cordarrelle Patterson taking a toss or sweep on a short yardage 3rd or 4th down, they will be rioting. This play does not work. It has never worked. It is now time to retire the play.

Not only should Nagy throw that play out the window, but he should end the Patterson experiment in the backfield. It’s not working, and the Bears need a true running back to stand next to Montgomery and help take the pressure off. They need a true third-down back with the ability to catch the football and make moves after the catch.

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Lamar Miller was clearly healthy enough to pass a physical and join the practice squad. Now, it might be time to use him. Bring him up and see what he can do with 5-8 touches in a game.

If not Miller, see what you have in the undrafted kid Artavis Pierce. Either one of them would be a better option at this stage. Keep Patterson on kick return and throw him in at receiver every once and a while, but he isn’t running with conviction and he’s been a waste of a spot in the back field.