Chicago Bears Rumors: Are J.J. Watt, Carlos Dunlap trade options?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears could bolster their defense even further by adding a disgruntled veteran.

As the Chicago Bears prepare to finish off the NFL’s Week 7 with a Monday Night matchup with the Los Angeles Rams, Sunday afternoon provided some intriguing storylines. The early games, specifically, gave us all some drama.

While the Detroit Lions came back and won in dramatic fashion on a last-second touchdown, there were a few other games going down to the wire as well.

The Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns went down to the final play, with Joe Burrow lighting it up once again. But, the Bengals fell short and dropped their fifth game of the season.

For a little while now, the Bengals have been talking about potentially trading former Pro Bowl defensive tackle Carlos Dunlap. He’s been disgruntled for some time, and after the loss to Cleveland on Sunday, he took to Twitter to let us all know his house is for sale.

Dunlap clearly wants out of Cincinnati. He’s 31 years old and, after a decade with the Bengals, it’s time he finds somewhere to have the opportunity to win.

He may not be the only one who wants out of his current situation, though.

The Houston Texans received a beat down courtesy of the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Aaron Rodgers sliced and diced the Texans defense, finishing with four touchdown passes and the Packers won 35-20. Even that final score doesn’t do the game justice, though. It was a blowout.

Following that drubbing, Watt answered questions from reporters in a short, frustrated manner. With a stern look on his face and zero emotion, Watt answered a question about the play of Rodgers by saying:

”He played very well today.”

Watt then went on to talk about why the Packers were able to score so many points:

”He (Rodgers) threw the ball to the receivers and they caught ‘em.”

You can watch the clip here.

Seeing Watt’s expression looked like a man who was fed up with the organization. The damage from Bill O’Brien has been done, and Watt might want a way out of Houston. After so many excellent years, fighting through the tough injuries and dedicating his life and time to the city, Watt may desire a trade.

He hasn’t come out and said anything about a trade, but Watt surely can’t stand losing anymore. He belongs on a team where he could potentially make a Super Bowl run.

Both Watt and Dunlap would add a ton of firepower to this Bears defense — a defense that has missed Eddie Goldman dearly so far.

If the Bears were able to land a guy like Dunlap, that would allow Bilal Nichols to move back to the end/tackle spot instead of playing nose. If they added Watt instead, that immediately improves the run defense; not to mention the pass rush gets even more lethal.

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This defense is already stout, but either Watt or Dunlap would put them over the top. At that point, it would be in discussion for the league’s best unit, if it’s not already.