Chicago Blackhawks: Three trade packages for Duncan Keith

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Is it time for the Chicago Blackhawks to trade Duncan Keith?

The Chicago Blackhawks claim that rebuilding their roster is now a thing. They sent out a letter to their fanbase that makes it seem like they are trying to be transparent on their intentions. There are some issues with the letter because not all of their moves suggest that they are rebuilding but some of them do. If they are to do a rebuild the right way, they should probably move some faces that people now know as legends.

One of those players is Duncan Keith. He is perhaps the best, or at minimum, the most successful, defenseman in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks. There was a good amount of years where he was the best defenseman in the world. He has won the Stanley Cup three times, the Conn Smith Trophy, and the Norris Trophy twice. Guys like Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane get a lot of credit for the team’s success but Keith was equally as important to all of that winning.

Keith is now 37 years old so they probably wouldn’t get a king’s ransom in a trade but they would probably still get something of value. He isn’t a number one guy anymore but he is still good enough to play on one of the top two pairs on a good team. He has three years left on his contract that carries a cap hit of 5.5 million per year.

We don’t know how he will play in that final year but he might be worth the addition for a team trying to win the Cup within the next three years. These are three teams that might be willing to acquire Keith if the Hawks make him available and what they might give up to get him: