Chicago Bears: Antonio Brown is clueless about Nick Foles

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for MAXIM)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for MAXIM) /

Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles had a former NFL wideout take a dig at him recently.

It is no secret the Chicago Bears will go as far as Nick Foles take them this season. It’s his job for the remainder of the year, and the team has shown they are fully behind him. Between Foles’ coaching on the sidelines and his wherewithal on the field, the difference between he and Mitchell Trubisky is clear.

The Bears are now 4-1 and in good shape to make a run at a playoff spot. While Foles’ mind has been on gearing up for the Carolina Panthers this weekend, he’s been on some others’ minds elsewhere.

Legendary defensive back Deion Sanders is now face of the podcast “21st and Prime” which is part of the Barstool Sports network. This week, Sanders had a FaceTime call with troubled veteran wide receiver Antonio Brown while on the show.

Barstool’s personality and Chicago Bears fan, “Big Cat,” asked Brown if he was going to get back on a team soon. Brown replied by saying “What, do you think we doing this for fun?” Clearly Brown has plans to play in the NFL again soon.

Then, Big Cat told Brown, “The Bears! The Bears could use another receiver,” to which Brown replied:

"”Nah, not with Nick Foles man.”"

The full clip can be seen here.

Clearly, Brown doesn’t have a clue what he’s missing in the Chicago Bears quarterback.

Brown has been one of the most confusing, troubled and problematic professional athletes in history. He’s made one countless foolish decision after another. His attitude, the way he speaks to people — really, everything about him is dislikable.

The fact he wants to poke fun at a man like Foles is hilarious. Chances are, Brown’s perspective on a lot of things may change if he were to share a locker room with a quarterback like Foles.

Historically, Foles is renown as one of the better teammates and overall people around the league. You have never heard a single player speak ill of Foles. In fact, it’s been just the opposite.

After the Philadelphia Eagles made their magical Super Bowl run two years ago, Foles was asked about his future as the team’s backup on live television. With Carson Wentz recovering from injury and on track to be ready to start the 2018 season, Foles would likely take a back seat once again. Listen to what he had to say:

Foles wants to see teammates succeed; in life, on the field and off the field. He’s nothing less than a man of character, integrity and would be an incredible influence and friend to Brown.

Not only that, but he’d probably toss a few passes Brown’s way. Just take a look at how heavily he targets an elite talent like Allen Robinson.

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But, if Brown wants to laugh off the idea of joining a 4-1 team with a quarterback as even-keeled and respected as Foles, then so be it. Quite frankly, the guy doesn’t deserve another shot in the NFL and should continue to pursue help in his areas of clear need.