Chicago Bulls: 3 wild trade possibilities for 2020 NBA Draft

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Chicago Bulls, Kevin Love
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Trade No. 1

Over the last couple of years, the name of Kevin Love has come up around the trade deadline. He isn’t the most glamorous of names anymore, but Love is still an effective player when healthy.

For the Bulls, they could benefit by getting a guy as even-keeled, well-rounded and savvy as Love into their lineup. In order to do that, they would have to take on the next three years of his salary, though. That’s the main reason it’s easy to see why Cleveland would want to give him up. Over the next three seasons, Love will be paid a total of $90 million.

Cleveland likely doesn’t want to pay Love an average of $30 million per season over the next three years. On the contrary, the Bulls are closer to competing with their core and could use a guy like Love.

Dealing Porter’s contract for this year, along with Lauri Markkanen, would free up enough space to pay Love. But, beyond this season, the Bulls wouldn’t have to make a decision on Markkanen and whether or not to pay him what would be a pretty expensive deal based simply on age and potential.

The Bulls would now have back-to-back picks in this first round, plus another first rounder in 2022. They may be paying Love a whole lot of money, but youth will abound in Chicago after this deal.