Chicago Cubs: The definitive guide to the 2020-21 offseason

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Extend Javier Baez

Yes, we know that we just talked about Baez’s, er…not so great season in 2020.

But the Cubs still should lock up El Mago with a long-term deal during the offseason.

Again, it would be totally unfair to hold 59 games against Javy in the middle of a pandemic with barely any spring training or summer camp.

It’s almost certain that the Cubs won’t be able to afford to pay Bryant (regardless of how he fared this season), and it’s very possible that we could see contracts continue to explode in the coming years.

So it makes sense to lock up Baez over this offseason rather than waiting another year.

Last November, CBS Sports broke down what a long-term contract for Baez might look like. In the end, they concluded a 7-year, $140 million deal might be in the books for Javy.

Though Bryant struggled this season as well, he’ll command a much bigger contract (considering he’s already turned down a $200 million deal).

And hey, a Javier Baez extension would certainly give fans some much needed fresh air and excitement during a winter that’s looking to be overshadowed by a pandemic and rapidly approaching election season and fallout.

El Mago should be in a Chicago Cubs uniform for at least the better part of the 2020s, there’s no doubt about that.