Chicago Cubs: The definitive guide to the 2020-21 offseason

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Chicago Cubs must stay healthy

This offseason, health needs to be the number one priority of everyone, from Kris Bryant to the most die-hard of fans working from home during the pandemic.

Want baseball back with fans in the stands and a normal schedule? Wear a mask and follow the guidelines.

The same goes for the Cubs, but not just in terms of avoiding a virus. The Cubs must remain mentally and physically healthy as they head into the 2021 spring training and regular season.

In an odd way, it may be a blessing in disguise that the Cubbies went home early this year. They can now avoid traveling excessively and have a full offseason to recover from any lingering injuries or setbacks that the players may have had this season.

They also need to stay mentally healthy and move on from the past few seasons of disappointment. The Cubs CAN have a championship team with the right moves, attitude and mental approach. We already saw the team having more fun in the dugout this season. It seemed that there was more dancing, more laughing and a much more positive attitude this year.

Perhaps you can thank the return of David Ross for that.

Rest up, Cubbies. Stay safe, stay healthy and we’ll hopefully see you on time in February.