Chicago Cubs: The definitive guide to the 2020-21 offseason

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Chicago Cubs, Tom Ricketts
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With the Chicago Cubs championship window nearly closed, the 2020-21 offseason will be crucial for the team. Here’s the definitive guide to the offseason.

Just over three months after opening their 2020 campaign, the Chicago Cubs are back into quarantine and onto their couches until February 2021.

Well, at least we hope they’re staying safe.

Despite the shortened season, it was an eventful “year” for the North Siders, winning the National League Central for the third time in five seasons before bowing out after back-to-back losses in the best-of-three Wild Card Round.

Though there were certainly plenty of things to celebrate, there were also many weaknesses for the Cubs this year.

Some of those weaknesses have been showing for four years now. And as the championship window nears closure, it’s become now or never if the Cubs want to win another ring with the current core.

The front office will certainly have some difficult decisions to make, as the team clearly needs to make some moves if they want to contend for more than just a division championship in 2020.

Though it’s not quite time to completely blow the team up, it’s clear that the past four years of status quo just isn’t working. Unfortunately, the status quo has been even more ineffective when it matters in September in October, further enforcing the fact that changes need to be made.

Let’s dive into the definitive guide to the 2020-21 Cubs offseason.