Chicago Blackhawks: Three free agent goalies to consider

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Chicago Blackhawks Cory Schneider
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The same day that the Chicago Blackhawks announced they weren’t bringing back Corey Crawford, the New Jersey Devils announced that they were buying out the contract of Cory Schneider. He is similar to Holtby in that he was once one of the best goalies in the world before an injury really caused him to fall off. New Jersey is going in a much different direction so they are buying him out and now he can move on.

Early in his career, he split the net with Roberto Luongo in Vancouver. They traded him to New Jersey where he backed up (split time) with Martin Brodeur for a year before taking over as the starter. It went really well before things started to fall off. An injury takes a lot of the blame but there is no doubt that he wasn’t good for the final few years he had with the Devils.

Now, he has to hope that another organization will believe in him and give him a chance. The hope that whoever signs him is getting a healthy player that can contribute some good goaltending. The Hawks give up a lot of high danger chances so it might not be the best destination for a goalie like this but he might take anything at this point. If it were a short deal, it would be a low risk/high reward move anyway. Out of every player on this list, he would be the biggest risk.