Chicago Bears: 4 polarizing quarterback trades to consider making

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4. Carson Wentz

What a sad story it’s been for the Philadelphia Eagles. At one point early in his career, Carson Wentz was playing like a league MVP. A couple of injuries later, he now looks like a different guy. Of course, he also has rookie Jalen Hurts breathing down his back. Like Miami, some fans in Philadelphia wonder when it’s time to give the new kid a chance.

But, would Wentz work in Nagy’s offense? Could he turn things around with some actual weapons at his disposal?

Sure, Wentz has looked real bad at times this year. But, how much trust does he have in his guys around him? He’s looking at Greg Ward as his top receiving option right now, with so many others unavailable due to injury or opt-out.

Philadelphia also has a weird situation going on with tight end Zach Ertz, and it doesn’t look like they want to pay him. The Eagles might just be in dysfunction right about now, and it has to be tough to handle if you’re Wentz.

Coming to Chicago, he’d have far more weapons than he has right now. He’d have a system which he’s somewhat familiar with, as Nagy and Doug Peterson like to run some of the same styles. He’d also have the commitment from a team who is willing to trade for him.

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If the Bears took this chance, it could end up paying off in big ways for them. Wentz is still far superior to both options in Chicago, despite his early struggles. He’d make this team much more dangerous going forward.