Chicago Bears: 4 polarizing quarterback trades to consider making

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Andy Dalton
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3. Andy Dalton

The entire NFC East is bad, and one particular franchise has a whole lot of storylines which won’t go away. The Dallas Cowboys did not extend quarterback Dak Prescott, and his price continues to go up.

Knowing Jerry Jones, he may as well let Prescott walk and fire up a new, shiny draft pick of a quarterback in 2021 with Andy Dalton as the bridge. But, what if the Bears gave the Cowboys a different bridge?

Some fans wanted Dalton in Chicago early in the offseason. His name was on the list of several veterans available either via free agency or via trade. Ultimately, the Bears of course went with Foles via trade and Dalton landed in Dallas as an expensive backup.

Should the Cowboys be looking towards a future without Prescott, the Bears could use a guy like Dalton in the present. Even as a backup who could offer them additional playoff experience as a former Pro Bowler, Dalton brings more to the table than Trubisky.

The only question would be, do the Bears roll with Dalton and Foles again next year?