Chicago Bears: 4 lies about the Mitchell Trubisky benching

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4. It was the wrong move

This one is mostly fans who continue to side with Trubisky. Some of these takes are from folks who are essentially of the mantra, “until death do us part,” when it comes to the fourth year quarterback.

Here’s the bottom line: It was, in fact, not the wrong move.


The Bears won the football game — point blank, period. That’s it. That’s the rebuttal. The Bears won the game.

When Foles came in, the energy on the sideline immediately shifted. You saw Foles going down the line individually, to each of his positions, and coaching them up. He was giving each group specific direction in between drives. Just watching this picture for a matter of seconds led you to believe the team was going to rally in some way.

It might not have been all the way to a victory, but Foles was going to rally his guys via meaningful, purposeful direction and coaching for the remainder of the game — and that’s exactly what he did.

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So, to say that this was the wrong move is absolutely ludicrous. It’s such a blind statement to make that these folks may as well turn in their Bears fandom and take it wherever Trubisky lands next year. This move was about winning, no question. If you can’t handle that, then you’re not cut out for this whole team fandom thing.