Chicago Bears: 4 lies about the Mitchell Trubisky benching

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3. Nagy was looking for an excuse

This narrative is so lazy and biased it hurts.

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Former Bears quarterback and NFL veteran Mark Sanchez said it was “crappy” of Nagy to bench Trubisky after that interception and that the head coach was just “looking for an excuse.”

Look, that interception was not simply an excuse to bench Trubisky. It was one of many valid excuses culminating to a final decision. The way the coaching staff has spoken about Foles this week makes it pretty obvious that Trubisky was always Pace’s guy. In fact, dating back to the 2017 NFL Draft, Trubisky wasn’t even John Fox’s guy. Fox wanted Deshaun Watson.

Trubisky has always been Pace’s guy — period. Nagy should be given the opportunity to help find the next future franchise quarterback, but he also understood the reason for a bridge quarterback. Putting together a coaching staff which was familiar with Foles was the recipe for Trubisky’s ultimate benching all along.

That interception against Atlanta was not Nagy just looking for an excuse. It was the final excuse; the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

For Sanchez to be one who talks about a turnover not being a justifiable reason to bench Trubisky in year four is one of the more ironic takes we’ve seen in a long time.