Chicago Bears: 4 lies about the Mitchell Trubisky benching

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2. It was surprising

Allen Robinson said after the game that he was surprised Trubisky was pulled. Now, we know enough about Robinson to understand that he’s not exactly a stranger to poor quarterback play. He’s made a living off of pumping up the numbers of below average quarterbacks.

So, for him to say it was surprising may be stretching the truth just a little bit. It could be Robinson attempting to boost the go of his now-former starting quarterback, just to keep the peace. He knows how it’s gone in the past when he’s been caught throwing his quarterback under the bus (see Jacksonville Jaguars camp a few years ago).

Also, take a look at what Robinson said in addition to his “surprise” remark:

Seeing Trubisky benched should not have come as much of a surprise. One could feel a little bit surprised at the sight of seeing a new quarterback under center, but the fact that it wasn’t Trubisky should not be too shocking.

It’s taken him three and a half years to get to a point where a head coach had finally seen enough. That’s far too long, especially in today’s NFL. You see teams do whatever it takes to land their franchise quarterback. The Arizona Cardinals drafted another first-round quarterback after selecting Josh Rosen the year prior.

It’s been done. Don’t be surprised to see the Bears do the same. Trubisky’s benching was the least surprising thing to happen all Bears season — you can mark that down.