Chicago Bears: 4 lies about the Mitchell Trubisky benching

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1. It was demeaning

Whatever the word you would use, it was not demeaning. It wasn’t out of spite. It wasn’t a mean thing to do. Some even came out and called it a “d— move,” to be a bit more frank. It wasn’t any of that.

The fact that some fans are out there criticizing Nagy for benching Trubisky, stating that it was some sort of “mean” action, is completely ridiculous. It is a marshmallow take. It’s spoken as though someone has zero backbone and no background in sports, whatsoever.

Look, this is professional football. Only 32 people in the entire world get to call themselves a starting NFL quarterback. If you’re not good enough, you’re not good enough. That’s a plain and simple fact.

A head coach is not going to continue riding with the same guy, year after year, if he cannot get the job done. This move was a long time coming, and for those who can’t see that, get your eyes checked.

The move to go to Foles was not intended to be demeaning. It wasn’t a jab at Trubisky. It was essentially this: Nick Foles gives the Bears the best chance to win this football game.

If that’s too difficult to understand, I suggest some folks take up basket weaving or checkers tournaments in the park. Try an activity where it’s a little less likely that feelings get hurt, and come back to football when you can handle it.