Chicago Blackhawks need to make a draft day trade

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks need to make a draft-day trade to begin making their roster better.

The Chicago Blackhawks are a team that might be stuck in the middle if they don’t make any changes. Chances are that as long as Stan Bowman is there that they believe they can win. Misguided or not, it is the way that it is going to be. It may all start with the 2020 NHL Draft which is going to take place later next week. The Blackhawks have the 17th overall pick and are probably going to use it. With that said, don’t be surprised if they make a draft-day trade.

There are plenty of guys that they could trade and it would make sense. They have a lot of forwards who can score but to say their defense is weak doesn’t even come close to painting the picture. There are times where it looks like the worst defense structure in the history of the team.

Trading guys like Brandon Saad, Dylan Strome, or David Kampf make sense for different reasons but keeping them all could make sense as well. There could be pick trades as well. I just said that I expect them to make the selection but I wouldn’t be surprised if they move up as well.

We don’t know what their future at goalie is yet and if they move up to select Yaroslav Askarov it shouldn’t shock too many people. It will obviously come down to how far he falls because he is the only goalie worth taking in the first round. He is a great player and someone who might be able to transform a franchise. There is a lot of risk in drafting a first-round goalie but this might be the kind of talent to take the risk on.

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If the Blackhawks don’t do anything at the draft besides make some selections, there is still the possibility that they make a move in free agency. That seems to be something that hurts teams more than it helps them but with an aging core, they might go that route with one more chance to win with guys like Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, and Duncan Keith. Any sort of transaction is definitely something to look out for when it comes to the Chicago Blackhawks.