Chicago Bears: Could Dak Prescott be an option in 2021?

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Could Dak Prescott be an option for the Chicago Bears at quarterback in 2021?

Let’s face it, the Chicago Bears are once again the laughingstock of the NFL when it comes to the quarterback position. Current general manager Ryan Pace, who’s been with the team for six years now, has yet to find a solution to the quarterback position. Pace may be notorious for drafting Mitchell Trubisky and he’s lucky that after six seasons of missing on quarterbacks, he still has a job.

Once the 2021 NFL offseason comes around, the Bears have just one quarterback under contract for next season: Nick Foles, who was announced as the starter on Monday. For the Bears, Foles is a short-term solution to a long-term problem that’s plagued the Bears for decades.

However, if Pace has a job next season, he’s got an opportunity to figure out the quarterback position for the future while ensuring the Bears are able to win consistently.

Enter current Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, who will turn 28 years old in 2021. The reality with Prescott is that he’s may not be a guy like Patrick Mahomes, however, he’s shown multiple times, that he’s clearly better than what the Bears have had at quarterback under Pace.

Just reread the quote again in the post above. The Dallas Cowboys and Prescott have been engaged in contract negotiations for well over a year now and with Prescott expected to be a free agent in 2021, it’s likely that the Cowboys don’t get a deal done and Prescott hits the open market, free to sign anywhere.

Of course, while the Bears will need to figure out how to create some money to offer Prescott the contract extension he’s been seeking, there are a lot of other factors outside of money that could play a major role should the Bears decide to pursue Prescott.

First, Prescott would continue Pace’s “win-now” mindset. Over the last few years that Dallas has made the playoffs with Prescott leading the way, the Cowboys have been knocked out early. With an elite defense like the Bears, combined with Prescott’s ability to at least play consistently, the Bears could become a contender in the NFC well into the 2020s.

Second, if Prescott joins forces with head coach Matt Nagy, Chicago would automatically become one of the most popular teams in the NFL. Nagy has already proven he can persuade good players to come to Chicago. Having Prescott on his side would make everything only more enticing.

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Most will clearly be against the Bears going after Prescott mainly due to financial factors, however, ask yourself this question: What position has held the Bears back and continues to hold the Bears back, wasting elite defenses. By signing Prescott, for once, an elite defense won’t be wasted on mediocre quarterback play and for the foreseeable future, the Bears will be a legitimate threat in the NFC.