Chicago Bears: Allen Robinson deserves every penny he wants

Allen Robinson #12, Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Allen Robinson #12, Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears and Allen Robinson are in the middle of a contract dispute. Per reports, the dispute is over $2,000,000.

Allen Robinson has turned his career around since signing with the Chicago Bears in 2018. He has helped both Mitchell Trubisky and Chase Daniel look even better when throwing the ball to Robinson. He’s been a very reliable player.

Robinson’s current deal is a three-year deal worth $42,000,000 ($14,000,000 per season) that ends after this season. Dan Graziano of ESPN reports that Robinson wants “around $18,000,000” next year, with the Bears only offering him $16,000,000.

Robinson just turned 27-years-old, he is in the prime of his career. Losing him over a $2,000,000 difference isn’t worth it. Ryan Pace gave Mike Glennon a three-year, $45,000,000 deal in 2017. If he’ll pay Glennon $15,000,000 to play quarterback for four-games, Robinson can get $18,000,000 to play the majority of the season.

Since joining the Bears, Robinson has played in 30-games. He has a 65.8% catch rate, along with 11-touchdowns and 1,975 yards. Last season, he was snubbed of the Pro-Bowl after leading the team in yards with 1,147, alongside 7-touchdowns.

Trubisky recently told the media that Robinson is his guy:

"“Allen’s just so reliable, you go to him in any situation. When he’s not open, he’s still open. That’s my guy.”"

All of Robinson’s teammates are going on social media to express them wanting Robinson to stay in Chicago for the long-haul. No matter who the quarterback is, Robinson has been very reliable in all situations. It would be a shame if Pace let him walk away over $2,000,000.

The good news is, the front office is feeling very optimistic about getting a deal done with Robinson.

The argument that is being made is that the contract is along the line of Tyreek Hill and Odell Beckham Jr.’s. If the argument is that those two are better than Robinson, compare their stats from last season.

Robinson:  98-receptions, 7-touchdowns, and 1,147 yards.

Hill: 58-receptions, 7-touchdowns, and 860 yards.

Beckham Jr.: 74-receptions, 4-touchdowns, and 1,035 yards.

The numbers speak for themselves. Robinson plays a big role in the Bears offense. Losing him would be a big blow to the team, whether it’s via trade during the season or during the offseason in free agency.

Robinson struggled a bit in 2018 but shined in 2019. He was the only player on offense last season that showed progression. The rest of the offense, including both quarterbacks, regressed.

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The longer Pace waits to re-sign Robinson, the more money he could be worth. The two parties should meet in the middle and sign a deal a four-year deal worth $68,000,000 ($17,000,000 per season). Robinson excelled expectations and improved from Year 1 to Year 2. Pace offered him a raise, Robinson wants more – just meet in the middle and sign that contract. Robinson has earned it.