Chicago Bears: Mitchell Trubisky’s 4th quarter success shows promise

Mitchell Trubisky #10, Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Mitchell Trubisky #10, Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

After the Chicago Bears fell behind 23-6 against the Lions, quarterback Mitchell Trubisky led a fourth-quarter comeback to show promise for his future in Chicago.

It might have taken the Chicago Bears three-quarters to get a touchdown, but once they got it, their offense didn’t slow down. Mitchell Trubisky led the team back down 17-points, for his fifth career fourth-quarter comeback.

During the first three-quarters, Trubisky missed a few key throws to various targets, but after how great he played in the fourth quarter, it’s fair to chalk some of that up to him being rusty from no preseason. There is still work to be done by Trubisky, as he is far from how great he can be this season, but this win against the Lions is a great first step.

Trubisky showed promise as a leader by staying poise in the pocket and making plays when they needed to be made. Instead of looking over his shoulder after every failed possession, Trubisky looked mentally tough and had a drive that he wasn’t going to be stopped.

From there, he threw three touchdowns to three different receivers (Graham, Wims, Miller). He also became the first quarterback in franchise history to throw for at least three touchdowns and have no interceptions.

There’s a lot of positives coming out of the Bears’ quarterback room after Sunday’s win. Trubisky now has tape on himself to re-watch the missed throws, take a look at his decision making, and work with the coaches on becoming a better player.

The offense moving starts with Mitch (Trubisky) and he proved that he can run this offense, even when he’s struggling. It just takes one big play to get him back in the rhythm he needs to be in to be successful.

The most important thing from that game is that he did in fact struggle. If Trubisky came in and dominated against the Lions, yes, that would have been amazing, but he wouldn’t have tape of him under adversity to learn from. Coach Nagy and Trubisky can both look at that and break down the decision making, the play calling, and where things went wrong. If they can eliminate those negative things and get the offense moving in the first quarter as opposed to late in the second half, this team will win a lot of football games.

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There’s still a lot of work to be done, but Trubisky showed promise on Sunday. Fans have to stop counting Trubisky out of games too early. He can make the big throws and can play well, he just has to do that a lot sooner in games to become the franchise quarterback the Bears hoped he’d be in 2017.