Chicago Bears: Allen Robinson makes statement on Instagram

Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson’s activity on Instagram would seem to indicate that he is at odds with the team.

Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson has said all the right things in public when it comes to speculation over a possible contract extension, however, Robinson’s activity on social media would seem to indicate that the wide receiver is not happy over his current status with the team.

Robinson was a leading candidate to receive a contract extension this off-season but as the days of summer passed by, it was beginning to look clear that the Bears’ primary wide receiver would not be reaching a new deal with the team before the 2020 NFL Regular Season began.

That was indeed the case as Robinson started for the Bears in their season-opening game against the Lions this past Sunday without a new contact with the team. In that game, Robinson was targeted 9 times while hailing in 5 receptions for a total of 74 yards.

Robinson was the most-targeted wide receiver for the Bears on Sunday and that should not be a surprise as that was the case for 2019 season as well. In the 2019 season, Robinson was targeted 154 times while compiling 98 receptions for a total of 1,147 yards and 7 touchdowns. Robinson was, in large part, the only effective and consistent offensive playmaker that the Bears had during the 2019 season.

Now at the age of 27, Robinson is set to become a free agent after this season. Bears fans have been pleading for the Bears to extend Robinson and on Monday, Robinson’s teammate Cordarrelle Patterson joined the chorus after Robinson posted a cryptic tweet.

Robinson’s tweet was lyric to a song titled “Gods Plan” by Drake. Regardless of the intent of Robinson’s tweet, the message was received by Patterson as he went on social media and tweeted directly at the Bears to extend his teammate.

While Robinson may want to move calm and keep it peaceful, his activity on Instagram on Monday tells a different story. As of Tuesday morning, Robinson had removed any reference to the Chicago Bears from his Instagram account.

While Robinson may say all the right things in public regarding a potential contact extension with the Bears, his activity on social media makes it clear that there may be some tension between the two sides.

Though, if history is an indicator, this could be a sign that a contract extension is imminent. Los Angeles Rams’ cornerback Jalen Ramsey removed all Rams’ pictures from his Instagram prior to signing a mega-contact extension with the Rams last week.

It goes without saying that the Bears need to extend Robinson. Not only is Robinson the Bears’ primary wide receiver but he has become a safety blanket for starting quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. On the rarity that Robinson is not Trubisky’s first read, the quarterback often looks back towards Robinson during times when the play breaks down. That has often lead to Robinson bailing out the Bears’ quarterback time and time again.

The Bears have often refrained from contract negotiations during the season under General Manager Ryan Pace. But, Pace may want to make an exception for Robinson. Otherwise, if the season plays out and Robinson does not receive a new contract, it may be more likely that the wide receiver leaves via free agency as opposed to returning to the Chicago Bears in 2021.